During the Hillsborough County Emergency Policy Group meeting Thursday afternoon, Hillsborough Commissioner Sandy Murman discussed the recent in coronavirus cases as testing has risen during recent weeks. Murman warned that the George Floyd rallies and protests could further the spike, stating they “are like incubators for the virus.’’ “I’m pretty concerned,’’Continue Reading

Hillsborough County officials announced more parks and trails will be opening for residents to utilize at a time when more exercise is being encouraged. In early May, officials opened most nature preserves. Neighborhood parks reopened early this week. On May 26, the following conservation parks, trails and boat ramps willContinue Reading

In Hillsborough County, Florida, officials reported and additional three deaths in residents who tested positive for COVID-19. This brings the number of deaths to twelve. The fatalities occurred in people in ages ranging from 55 to 92 years. The county has seen 813 total cases through Monday. Statewide, the FloridaContinue Reading