Tampa General Hospital performs 600+ transplants in 2020

Tampa General Hospital announced recently that 611 solid organ transplants were performed in 2020, beating the previous total of 584 in 2019.

Image/balik via pixabay

This makes the 1,007 bed medical center the 6th busiest transplant center in the nation and 3rd nationally for kidney transplants.

“These national rankings showcase the expertise and advanced care Tampa General provides to our patients,” said John Couris, president and CEO of Tampa General. “Our collaboration between LifeLink of Florida, USF Health, our private practice physicians, and our TGMG team is critical in our overall success related to transplant. Studies consistently reveal higher patient volumes – in this case, the number of transplants conducted at Tampa General – lead to increased proficiency. Better proficiency, in turn, means better outcomes for our patients.”

In 2020:

  • Kidney Program ranks #3 in the nation performing 368 kidney transplants and 12 kidney/pancreas. Of these, 73 were live donor kidney transplants.
  • Liver Program ranks #10 in the nation, performing 152 transplants.
  • Heart Program ranks #25 in the nation, performing 44 transplants.
  • Lung Program ranks #27 in the nation, performing 34 transplants.

Tampa General has performed over 11,000 transplants since the program began in 1974.

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