Tampa radio: Dr. Bill Handelman goes after Dr Anthony Fauci

On Sunday’s “Dr. Bill – Your Radio M.D” show on AM 860 The Answer in the Tampa Bay area, host and physician, William N. Handelman M.D. had a few choice words for media darling and media titled “America’s Top Infectious Disease Specialist”, NIAID’s Dr Anthony Fauci starting at the 16:30 mark (Listen below).

Image by Alemon from Pixabay

Dr. Bill played the clip of Dr Fauci in March telling a large television audience not to wear a mask.

“That has really upset me considerably that this man has been aloud to get away with this, but the Democrats are protecting him”, Handelman said.

He says Trump should have got rid of Fauci a couple months ago.

“I’m sick of this guy I could spit”, Dr. Bill said. “This guy is bad news and he was the wrong man for this job and the problem is we’re stuck with it now”.

“I think at some point we’re going to have to hold him accountable for what he’s done to our country and to the populace for saying the stupid things that he said.

“Whatever his reasons were, they were wrong and they were not well thought out”, Handelman said.

“I wish he had a license in Georgia cause I would go after him and see if the state board would pull his license”. But Dr Bill says Fauci is untouchable, calling him a “golden calf” and “a God” he’s untouchable.


  1. 100% asshole Dr. Bill!!!

  2. So where were you when the advice was being given out. Looks like you 20/20 hid sight.

  3. So where did you get your medical degree. If you had brains you would know in March the “Novell” virus was not known for its characteristics Of transmission now with better knowledge mask are very important. So what I suggest get your head out of your ass and read your medicine updates. So I would hope patients would beware of your lack of knowledge and find a new doctor.

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