Tampa: Two students win at Florida Invention Convention

Two students from Tampa were recently honored for their innovations at the Florida Invention Convention. 

Makana Salim-Uesi, a 7th grade student at Williams Middle Magnet School, took 1st Place in the competition. Her invention, “RCV H20″. is a model of a labor-saving device that can transport and filter water at the same time. RCV H20 is useful for people in rural areas and developing countries where access to clean water is extremely limited. It is also useful for people who have limited access to safe drinking water during natural disasters, such as hurricanes.” 

Shreya Mathur, a 12th grade at Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School, took 2nd Place in the competition for her invention, “Stress Master”. It enables the user to access any part of their body with a hand-held massager by a 360-degree pivot unit. She also won the Bailee’s Choice Award. 

The competition took place at the University of South Florida Marshall Student Center earlier this month, and included student inventors from throughout Florida. The students had participated in other Invention, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and or STEM Education programs and were invited to participate with their invention. Winners of the state finals advance to the National Invention Convention held at The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation next year. 

“Florida is full of talented and bright young learners, and this celebration of invention gives students the opportunity to share what they have created,” said Tracy Zuluaga, coordinator of the Florida Invention Convention. “This competition gets students involved in authentic, project-based learning while demonstrating creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking — all important 21st Century Skills.” 

The event, now in its second year, has grown to over 7,000 participating students statewide. The Florida Invention Convention is sponsored by USF College of Engineering, the National Academy of Inventors (USF Chapter), Moffitt Cancer Center, the Intellectual Property Law Firm of Saliwanchik, and Lloyd and Eisenschenk. The event is organized by Bright Young Minds Coalition, a Florida non-profit that champions invention and entrepreneurship education in schools and youth organizations.

UPDATE: The original posting indicated that Shreya Mathur won 3rd place – BBJ, The Dispatch

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  1. Hello!

    This article is well written, but I noticed an error in the section about me. I won 2nd place, not 3rd place. Can you please fix this?


  2. Hello,

    This is a well-written article, but I noticed an error in the part about me. I won 2nd place, not 3rd place. Can this please be fixed?

    Thank you

    1. That has been updated, sorry about that

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