The Figgers Foundation to Donate $50,000 Worth of Bikes to Children and Teens in Foster Care

This time of year, we are no strangers to the act of giving. Yet for many people, giving reaches only to people whom they know and love. The Figgers Foundation is working to change this script. Created to impact positive change, the foundation is the brainchild of Freddie Figgers, CEO and Chief Software Architect of Figgers Communications, Inc.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Putting his values into practice, Mr. Figgers, who lives by the mantra “we are our brother’s keeper,” today announced the “Bike Dreams” giveaway, a campaign to distribute bikes to children and youth in foster care systems across the country.

Through the “Bike Dreams” campaign, the Figgers Foundation donated $50,000 to purchase and distribute the bikes to unsuspecting children and youth. The bicycles will go to foster and adopted youth residing in Florida, Georgia and throughout the U.S. As of today, 200 bicycles have been distributed, and the Foundation will give away bikes each month until their warehouses are empty.

As an infant, Figgers spent time in the foster care system before being adopted by his foster parents. He knows the pain of foster children and works hard to show them that there are people who care.

“We have the unique ability to change a foster child’s trajectory in life with simple acts of kindness and support. Who wouldn’t sign up to serve in this way? Our message to children and teens with this giveaway and all of our philanthropic acts is simple: ‘regardless of where you are at this moment, you matter, your life matters and you have dignity and tremendous worth,” said Figgers.

The Figgers Foundation will continue the “Bike Dreams” campaign into 2021. “Through partnerships like these, we can provide children with a sense of hope,” said Carolyn Newman, executive director of the Figgers Foundation.

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