Vegg’d Out Vegan Kitchen’s Yourhighness Tafari on Boycott the 4th: Black people ‘never truly really felt free’

Many in Tampa may be joining a new protest set for today: the #BoycottThe4th protest.

Co-owner of Tampa restaurant Vegg’d Out Vegan Kitchen, Yourhighness Tafari spoke with WFLA spoke about Independence Day protests, attempting to explain the sentiment.

“This is something that publicly stands as a holiday of freedom, independence. But as black people we honestly never truly really felt free,” said Tafari.

Tafari along with other local vegan restaurants have organized the #BoycottThe4th protest for the Tampa Bay area.

“It represents a statement to the country and the entire world really, to show that we don’t feel free. We’ve seen what’s going on, we need help. If you’re willing to stand with us, like you’re publicly saying you are, come out support us. Make a statement to the world for your brothers and sisters to say, ‘hey, if they’re not free, I’m not free.’ That’s the whole essence of the campaign,” Tafari said.

Here’s the post from the company on their Facebook page:


As stated, we will be holding a public protest on Saturday, July 4th. The location of the protest will be Downtown Tampa/Bayshore Blvd.

We will be meeting at Franklin St. Park at 9:30a (located at the intersection of S Tampa St. & E Brorein St., right under the Selmon Expressway overpass in Downtown Tampa. Right next to the Tampa Convention Center).

Again, this is to combat the observance and celebration of the 4th of July. As we as Black people never totally felt free, and have been getting exploited and destroyed by the same system who propagates these lies of “liberty and justice for all”. Bring water for proper hydration!

Spread the word so this can reach each, and every Soul who this message resonates with. See you Saturday morning! Give thanks for your attitudes, and Willingness to stand with us in the name of #Equality#Justice, and #Resistance.

#VeggdOut #GetVeggdOut #BoycottThe4th #RastafariRealness #Sourcin #IfOneAintFreeNoneAintFree #ThereIsNoTakingBreaks

Tafari appeared before Tampa City Council to discuss the importance of creating an open forum about race relations in the Tampa Bay area.

“People have to be honest, we have to create a safe space for people to decide they can share their shame, their guilt and for us to really get into our pain and sorrow,” he said. “Let people start to learn and raise the awareness. That’s the only way they’re going to know what to do better than just reading books. Hear from the people that’s going through it. Let us be honest with you, you be honest with us on what you think about us how you get to these thoughts. Maybe we can start to discover some of the motivations behind your behaviors.”


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    1. You need to go and get a real job and work for what you want like everyone else in this country did stop bitching and do something

  2. You guys are attention seeking, that’s all. I’ll save you a burger or two if you want to come on by,

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