Watch President Trump’s George Floyd tribute video removed by Twitter

Twitter has claimed that the removal of a George Floyd tribute video by President Trump campaign’s official account is for a copyright violation.

The clip, which you can watch below, titled “Healing, Not Hatred” features Trump speaking about the murder of Floyd, calling it a “grave tragedy,” and says his memory is being “dishonored by rioters, looters, and anarchists” as various images moves along.

Posted by @TeamTrump on Wednesday, saying that “We are working toward a more just society, but that means building up, not tearing down. Joining hands, not hurling fists. Standing in solidarity, not surrendering to hostility.”

Twitter told The Hill that the decision was based on a complaint from a copyright owner of at least one of the images in the video but didn’t share any specifics. The complaint was reviewed by Harvard University’s Lumen Database, a third-party research group Twitter relies on to handle cease and desist letters, that concluded the video was in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

In a tweet posted late Thursday, the @TeamTrump account complained: “Twitter and @Jack are censoring this uplifting and unifying message from President Trump after the #GeorgeFloyd tragedy,” adding that the media had “refused” to cover the speech.

“From the dubious removal of the hilarious Nickelback video to capricious fact checks and manipulated media labels to questionable claims of copyright, Twitter has repeatedly failed to explain why their rules seem to only apply to the Trump campaign but not to others,” the spokesman for the Trump campaign told the Hill.

“Censoring out the president’s important message of unity around the George Floyd protests is an unfortunate escalation of this double standard,” he added.

The video is still up on the president’s YouTube channel.

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