White Tampa Bay Times Reporter Stephanie Hayes: ‘White people, time to listen and learn’

In an era where the “Karen” nickname and stereotype is spreading, a Tampa Bay Times reporter, Stephanie Hayes, went full social justice warrior to pay homage to the woke movement. Hayes virtue signals to Black Lives Matter and the world that she’s so tolerant; hence, the ultimate version of a Karen.

Hayes speaks of white people with a tone deaf attitude, pretending that a white person doesn’t stare back from a mirror.

“Let this moment help white people dispense with our constant need to be right. To not hit the comment button. To stop interrupting. To be quiet for a minute.

“Let us listen. When black people say they feel scared, attacked, watched, different, suspicious, lesser, criminal, let us resist the urge to defend ourselves as a response.”

As a loyal liberal SJW, Hayes asks readers to “take stock” of “products made for white people,” listing bandages, beauty tools, children’s toys with her diatribe on the color “nude,” seemingly ignorant that ethnic products are widely available, even at Walmart, alongside various minority themed toys such as Barbies and superhero action figures.

Where could Hayes develop this belief system?

Maybe it’s the SJW victory to get a Dove ad removed as racist or Mattel creating a gender-neutral doll after pressure to be inclusive.

To Hayes, racism is systemic, widespread and at the root of all of our problems.

“Let us admit that our skin does not make things harder for us the way it does for others. Let us understand the spectrum between racist and not, that some of our behaviors, thoughts and feelings are so deeply ingrained that we need real time and effort to root them out,” she proclaims.

Unconscious bias is real to Hayes.

Even if you’ve never behaved in a racist way, think racist thoughts or done anything which would warrant the label, YOU STILL ARE.

CNN’s Van Jones referred to it a virus in white people’s brain which gets activated and they behave as though they’ve been programmed by the Aryan Nation.

photo via adobe stock license by Artur

Like the 1619 Project from the New York Times, Hayes believes her whiteness should be ignored if she lectures everyone else about the systemic history of racism.

Through virtue signals, the writer says she and her institution (The Times) can “do a better job representing the entire community” as though reporters are ignoring the plight of minorities.

The aforementioned 1619 Project won the Pulitzer this year, while last year it was Tony Messenger piece exposing “malfeasance and injustice of forcing poor rural Missourians charged with misdemeanor crimes to pay unaffordable fines or be sent to jail.”

Journalists are woke and Hayes wants an invitation to the social justice party.

“In a world where black people have to beg for their lives as the air leaves their bodies, it’s the least we can do,” Hayes says, closing out her piece.

Heather McDonald destroyed this argument that the problem is systemic and widespread.

The Marshall Project dissects the data, but Hayes and others will cry and shout at other whites.

A few pages over in the TBT from her article is an AP photo by Niall Carson, “World kneels as one” and in this photo the people appear to 90% white. NOT one or two whites blended in, a sea of white people on their knees.

George Floyd’s death is horrible and the officers have been charged. The facts of this case and others need to be evaluated by our legal system.

Decrying the “other whites” are the racist ones is just virtue signaling, a disgusting practice to perpetuate white guilt and blame.

Hayes and others can hide their prejudices and biases while waving their fingers at everyone else.

Sadly they should know as one finger point at us, three are pointing back at her.


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