Stephen King takes nasty jab at Kayleigh McEnany on Twitter–Later apologizes

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tweeted to her followers on the day before the inauguration:

At the podium, I had the great privilege of sharing stories of the forgotten men and women of America – stories the media too often ignores. Thank you for allowing me to speak on your behalf.

The tweet caught the attention of author, Stephen King who replied with total nastiness: Enjoy your next job as a cocktail waitress in Tampa.

King, who clearly thought he was being funny and figured the Twitter crowd would praise him for the mean tweet, caught ire with a number of people:

Are you implying that there is something “lowly” about being a cocktail waitress???

I miss life before Twitter when I could imagine all the talented people I admire as sophisticated individuals and not know they are truly shallow.

Sounds like you chose the classy route, Stevie.

I mean .. look at all this healing and unity. Warms the heart.

And the list goes on and on.

The pressure must have got to the rude writer as he issued an apology, but not for McEnany: I apologize to waitresses—cocktail and otherwise—everywhere. It was a dumb crack.

You’re a brave and honorable man Mr King.


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