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Emilia Clarke comic book: Single Mom with ‘Period Powers’ and Spidey ‘armpit hair’ to swing on

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has announced her debut comic book, M.O.M.: Mother of Madness. The comic book heroine Maya’s appeal and relatability lies in the fact that it’s the decidedly ordinary that makes her extraordinary: a busy single mother, whose life is changed as she gains superpowers through her


St Pete’s Boulevard Burgers & Tap House partners with Pet Pal Animal Shelter for ‘Doggie Date Night’ TOMORROW

Boulevard Burgers & Tap House and Pet Pal Animal Shelter are teaming up for a “Doggie Date Night” event on Thursday, June 17th. The event will be an all-day affair featuring a complimentary dog slider or bacon strip with any purchase. Jose Cuervo margaritas are $5, and there will be


Edgar Vazquez sentenced to 11 years in federal prison over cocaine trafficking

U.S. District Judge Sheri Polster Chappell has sentenced Edgar Vazquez (36, Fort Myers) to 11 years in federal prison for possessing with the intent to distribute more than 500 grams of cocaine. The court also ordered Vazquez to forfeit a firearm and ammunition that were involved in the offense. Vazquez

Ft Myers man, Jamar James sentenced to 10 years in federal prison over apartment complex shooting

U.S. District Judge Sheri Polster Chappell has sentenced Jamar Maurice James (31, Fort Myers) to 10 years in federal prison for possessing ammunition as a convicted felon in connection with a shooting at an apartment complex parking lot in Fort Myers. James had pleaded guilty on January 13, 2021. According

New Analysis: Florida 2nd most vulnerable for cybercrime

One of the world’s leading two-factor authentication firms has analyzed an FBI Internet Crime Report to reveal which states have the highest chances of cyber attacks happening. The platform examined the number of cybercrimes committed in each state/district in the US and then revealed what that number was per 100,000


SPLC joins transactivists to attack DeSantis, Florida over ‘biological sex’ sports bill with misleading ‘FACTS’

Gov. DeSantis signed House Bill 1475, making participation in school sports contingent on determining a student’s “biological sex,” which refers to a persons’ sex assigned at birth. “The ‘Fairness in Women’s Sports Act’ signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis is entirely unfair to transgender and cisgender women and girls, as it

National News

Supreme Court unanimously supports Catholic foster care: LGBTQTIP activists can’t force changes

A unanimous Supreme Court ruled Thursday in favor of a Catholic foster care agency in its biggest religion case of the year, which pitted religious freedom against LGBTQ rights. Justices said officials in Philadelphia violated the First Amendment by refusing to accommodate the faith-based agency’s religious beliefs. Legal precedent requires


Pennsylvania House passes ban on Down Syndrome abortions, Gov Tom Wolf vows to veto bill

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has passed House Bill 1500 which would ban abortions for a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, moving the measure to the state’s Health and Human Services Committee in the Senate. Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf vowed to veto this bill and others, saying that is any

World News

G7 vow to end coal, fossil fuels, spend billions to find global warming to ‘drive a global Green Industrial Revolution’

World leaders at the G7 Summit hosted by the UK in Cornwall, south-west England, concluded on Sunday with a plan to be setting out tough climate action targets and a restriction of the use of coal and fossil fuels. The leaders of the UK, the US, Canada, France, Germany Italy,


  • New York City crime: Is Maya Wiley what the city needs?

    Major US cities are experiencing historic murder rates after 2020 saw a 33% increase in homicides. In New York City alone, shootings increased by 73% in last month compared to May 2020. Scary thing is, if that’s not enough, this is before the summer spike in crime. New York Representative,

  • Former US Comptroller General, David Walker: Will America still be a superpower in 2040?

    America is at a critical crossroads both internationally and domestically, according to today’s guest. The plain and simple truth is America’s future is “at risk”. In his new book, America in 2040, author David Walker asks: Will we still be a superpower? It depends on many things, but we must

  • stop racism sign

    Washington Post attacks ‘Critical Race Theory’ critics

    The culture war has heated with the media widely sharing the term systemic racism and critical race theory, so it’s unsurprising to see the Washington Post analyze “What is critical race theory, and why do Republicans want to ban it in schools?” in their new article. After beginning with the

  • Self-publishing books with Julie Broad

    Do you have an idea for a book but are not sure how to get it out there? Ever thought of self-publishing? Establishing a reader driven hook and ensuring your book is not boring is where author, Julie Broad leads you in her book, Self-Publish and Succeed–The “No Boring Book”

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