COVID DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: Novak Djokovic deported to keep citizens in line

Novak Djokovic has been deported from Australia after losing a last-ditch court bid to stay in the country. The story has been misrepresented and during the recent NEWS TALK, some of the details are discussed.

Djokovic said he was “extremely disappointed” but accepted the ruling. He has left on a flight to Dubai and has now been banned for three years.

Djokovic was originally granted a medical exemption to enter Australia by two different independent health panels – one commissioned by Tennis Australia, the other by the state government of Victoria – after testing positive for coronavirus in mid-December.

A judge overturned that decision but the government stepped in last Friday to revoke the visa again, saying it was in the public interest to reduce “dissent” and prevent public outrage against getting the booster.

Watch that clip below.

Rebel News detailed the case with regular updates, including the COVID outbreak which occurred after the Australia Open began.

“A lot of Australians were really angry in the beginning when Novak got an exemption because, as I said over 90% at least in Victoria, are double vaccinated and that’s not because people chose to, it’s because pretty much to live life here you need to be fully vaccinated so people felt like they were forced to get vaccinated,” Rebel News reporter and Chief Australian Correspondent Avi Yemini told Fox News in an interview this morning.

“And this superstar came here and he was given an exemption. I think the federal government rode that wave for some political points and they essentially went to take him out for the most bizarre reason.”

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