Former Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, picked up by Harvard

The people of Chicago, one of the most left cities in the country, wouldn’t reelect her for a second term as the Democratic mayor for being such a colossal failure, but one of the premiere universities in the world think she worthy to be a Senior Leadership Fellow at their School of Public Health.

Lori Lightfoot
Image/United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

It was announced recently that former Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot that she would serve as  a Richard L. and Ronay A. Menschel Senior Leadership Fellow at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health during the fall semester of 2023.

Why you may ask?

Let’s look at her accomplishments according to Harvard: She made history as the city’s first African American, female, and open gay mayor. During her term, she worked to safeguard public health and minimize economic impact from the COVID-19 pandemic and tackled health equity issues—topics she’ll address in a Harvard Chan School fall course on health policy and leadership.

Dean Michelle Williams said, Lightfoot, “As a mayor, she showed strong leadership in advocating for health, equity, and dignity for every resident of Chicago.”

Not exactly sure what Dean Williams means by her statement above, but Lightfoot, who once said, “God help us all” when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reopened some beaches in April 2020, clearly has a record.

How did she minimize the economic impact of the pandemic? At least 68 Chicago restaurants and bars were permanently closed as of the summer of 2021 due to Lightfoot’s draconian stay-at-home orders and capacity limits.

She also imposed a wide-ranging vaccine mandate that affected a variety of businesses. These mandates, instituted in January 2022, applied to anyone 5 and older who is eligible to get vaccinated.

At that time, Lightfoot’s mandate meant that if you went to a bar, restaurant or a gym, in addition to questionable things like being masked, proof of vaccination was also required if you were going to be inside for more than 10 minutes.

However, this did not apply to going to other potentially crowded places like the grocery store or a museum. I guess the virus was less transmissible in these establishments, even hair salons for mayors.

The list of foolishness could go on, of course.

For leftists like Lightfoot, they see government to be a weapon rather than a tool, so I’m sure she was more than comfortable with implementing these measures regardless of lack of effectiveness and the destruction it caused to businesses and schoolchildren.

I would say Harvard hiring Lightfoot to teach health policy and leadership is silly; however, they could’ve gone further off the rails…She could be teaching “How to control crime in the city”.



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