Cebu: COVID-19 patient jumps to death at Vicente Sotto Medical Center


Officials with the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) in Cebu City, Philippines reported the suicide of a coronavirus patient Tuesday.

The 48-year-old male patient from Tres de Abril was admitted due to COVID-19 pneumonia on Monday and was staying in a room at the third level of the regional hospital.

According to Dr. Gerardo Aquino Jr., VSMMC medical chief, the nurse on duty noticed on early Tuesday morning the sudden behavioral changes on the patient, who would sing then shout and hit the room’s glass door with his fist.

The guard on duty then spotted the patient roaming around the third-floor lobby and ignored calls to calm down.

He then forcibly broke the glass window near the elevator and jumped to his death towards the ground floor of the ND Building.

While local media reports stated the police were barred them from entering since the patient was coronavirus infected. However, Aquino denies the report.

In addition, Aquino denied reports of immediately cremating the body to protect other patients and hospital personnel from infection. He stated that his family claimed the remains at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, after several hours in the hospital morgue.

VSMMC said in a statement:

“Everyone can experience emotional, mental, and physical drain at this crucial time. We urge the public to maintain the support and prayers for ALL PATIENTS AND HEALTHCARE WORKERS to AVOID STIGMA AND DISCRIMINATION. We should not add to the burden and sufferings that these fragile populations are experiencing at this time of pandemic. We need encouragement. We need each other.”

Apparently, this was the second attempt at suicide. Police are investigating the circumstances of the patient’s death.

Cebu City has reported 3193 COVID-19 cases and 35 deaths to date.

Nationally, 24,175 cases and 1,036 deaths.

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