Chronic hepatitis C is top reportable disease in Hillsborough County in 2016

There were 1888 cases of chronic hepatitis C reported in Hillsborough County last year, easily the most reported disease in 2016, according to the Hillsborough County Health Department.

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The number of cases of chronic hepatitis C wee far greater than hepatitis B (344), according to health department data. There is currently no effective vaccination against hepatitis C available as there is for hepatitis B.

In fact, nearly nine out of 10 diseases reported in 2016 were classified as chronic cases of viral hepatitis (65.9%) and enteric illnesses (21.8%).

Concerning Zika virus in Hillsborough County, 40 travel-associated cases were reported last year, far more than any other vectorborne/zoonotic illness.

Vaccine preventable diseases accounted for about 4 percent of reportable disease last year with pertussis topping the list.

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