Ferrari’s Benedetto Vigna: Customers must “choose” Combustion, hybrid or Electric Car

Legendary Italian car maker Ferrari has no intention of phasing out combustion engines and going fully electric or hybrid anytime soon, promising Sunday to keep making the eight and 12-cylinder engines it has made its trademark at least until the end of the 2030s.

The Italian manufacturer said it would be “arrogant” to dictate to customers what they can buy, while planning to launch its first fully electric model in two years’ time – a design the company insists will offer a “unique driving experience.”

“I don’t want to be arrogant and impose a choice on our client,” Ferarri boss Benedetto Vigna said.

“It is the client who must choose if they want an ICE (internal combustion engine), a hybrid or an electric car.”

Ferrari unveiled plans for a three-pronged approach in developing new vehicles, as part of a commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. It said electric cars and hybrids would make up an increasing proportion of its range by the end of the decade.

“We have to cope with the rules of all the countries we operate in,” said Vigna. “The reason we have three kinds of propulsion – ICE, hybrid and electric – is that it allows us to cope with any regulation, all over the world.”

According to a report from Automotive News Europe, Ferrari has overtaken Stellantis, the parent company of 14 car companies including Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Fiat, Jeep, Peugeot, Ram, and Vauxhall, despite building fewer than 14,000 vehicles in 2022.

The total value of a company is currently in eighth position ahead of the Stellantis conglomerate, Ford, Honda, General Motors, and Hyundai.

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