FlashDash deals coming for Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, one Florida-based company is looking to improve the shopping experience for both businesses and consumers by pairing them together through daily deals. FlashDash, a tech startup providing a mobile app highlighting local business deals, is offering 90 days of free advertising for small businesses in Florida that sign up in 2021.

With the release of the all-new free advertising campaign, local businesses can create and broadcast limited time deals to nearby residents who have the app downloaded. This technology allows both users and small business owners to thrive due to increased revenue for the business and better deals for the customer.

While the recent pandemic has negatively impacted the economy, small businesses have suffered incomparable losses. Almost half of all small businesses shut down before the 5-year mark while over 500,000 small businesses are closing this month alone. The free advertising campaign will help boost sales and ease financial demands on local residents and small businesses alike.

“As we come out of the pandemic, we just want to see local businesses succeed and less of them going out of business.” Said Keith Mortensen, CTO of FlashDash Deals.

The FlashDash Deals app captures users’ location, preferences, and even current mood to match them with the perfect deals from businesses in their community. These are time-sensitive deals that are only available for a few hours on a given day, emphasizing the need to act in a “flash” and “dash” to a local store to score savings.

FlashDash doesn’t require redemption codes or in-app purchasing of goods and services, instead all deals are redeemed, and all money is exchanged in-store. This perfectly positions businesses to develop relationships with their customers and provide the experiences that will foster brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

“We are excited to offer free marketing for your Florida business this holiday season. Simply contact us through our website or email so we can collect some information about your business and get you all set up.” said Keith Mortensen, CTO of FlashDash Deals.

About FlashDash

FlashDash, founded in October 2021, is a tech startup based out of Tampa, Florida, with the mission to enable more success for small business owners. FlashDash has harnessed the power of flash deals to bring people and businesses together by matching shoppers’ preferences with local deals via the FlashDash Deals mobile app.

To learn more, visit www.flashdashdeals.com or email [email protected]

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