Medical Marijuana: Top 10 Reasons to VOTE NO on 2

“Florida voters deserve to know the truth about Amendment 2,” said VOTE NO on 2 Campaign spokesperson Christina Johnson. “These top ten reasons substantiate why Floridians should reject the false promises made under the guise of ‘medical’ marijuana.”

Top 10 Reasons to VOTE NO On 2

Image/VOTE NO on 2
Image/VOTE NO on 2

 1. It’s Permanent -Amendment 2 is a proposed Constitutional Amendment, that means it could never be changed, limited or altered by law enforcement, local governments or the state legislature. And while some Constitutional Amendments allow for a local option, Amendment 2 specifically does not.

2. Caregivers – So-called “caregivers” are empowered to dispense pot with no medical training required. This provision is just like California’s law, which one of its authors later called “dope dealers with storefronts.”  And, once again, there’s NO LIMIT to the number of “patients” a caregiver can have.

3. Budtenders Not Pharmacists – “Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers” are not legitimate pharmacies, in fact, you won’t find a single licensed pharmacist behind the counter of any Amendment 2 style Pot Shop. Instead, you’ll find a so-called Budtender with no medical training, but lots of first-hand experience smoking pot.

4. It’s De Facto Legalization – The authors of Amendment 2 tried to hide their gaping Pot Legalization   Loophole behind a long list of conditions, but if you read the fine print you’ll find this clause: “… or any other debilitating medical conditions of the same kind or class as or comparable to those enumerated …” Just like in California, anyone with anxiety, migraines, trouble sleeping or a sore throat will be able to legally purchase pot.

5. Kid Friendly Pot Candy-Amendment 2 specifically authorizes edibles and the pot industry manufactures them to look just like the junk foods your children know and love. In states like California, where medical marijuana is legally sold, children as young as 21 months are being rushed to the emergency room as a result.

6. It’s Not Your Father’s Mary Jane -Today’s pot is 10X more potent; which means this is not the marijuana of Woodstock. The average THC content has soared from less than 1% in 1972 to nearly 13% and higher today.

7. No Local Option – Because there’s no local option to allow communities to ban, limit or restrict the location of pot shops. If Amendment 2 passes you can expect the seedy elements of the pot industry to move in right next door to your neighborhood, your church, your business and even your child’s school.

8. 2,000 Pot Shops – The Florida Department of Health estimates that under Amendment 2 Florida will have 1,993 pot shops. That means Florida will be home to more pot shops than McDonalds, Starbucks and 7-Elevens combined.

9. No Prescription – Amendment 2 does NOT require a doctor’s prescription in order to obtain pot because a prescription would violate federal law. Instead “patients” are given a flimsy certification which    has no medical standing and is not recognized by the medical community as legitimate.

10. They Didn’t Fix It -While the original amendment limited caregivers to just 5 “patients,” the supposedly “new and improved” amendment gives caregivers license to acquire, possess, administer, transfer and deliver pot to AN UNLIMITED NUMBER OF USERS. So basically caregivers are no more than legitimized drug dealers. This isn’t the plan that someone would write if they were only concerned about providing medicine to the sick.

The VOTE NO on 2 Campaign’s sole purpose is to expose the Amendment 2 scam.  For more information on the VOTE NO on 2 Campaign, please visit


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