Tampa: Roy Dean arrested for the murder of Alex Stephens

Tampa police announced today of the arrest of 42-year-old Roy Dean for the November 26 shooting death of 48-year-old Alex Stephens.

Image/Clker-Free-Vector-Images via pixabay

According to police, on Nov. 26 Dean got into an altercation with Stephens inside the residence of 4012 Ohio Ave, where Dean sustained a minor injury to his face. Dean left the residence on foot and returned about 10 minutes later because he was upset about the earlier altercation.

Dean entered the back yard of the residence armed with a handgun. Dean saw Stephens laying down on a bed through an open bedroom window and shot at the victim through the open window twice, striking him once in the upper torso. Dean then fled south through the back yard of 4012 Ohio Av.

Detectives developed leads and were able to arrest Dean, who provided a post-Miranda confession.

Dean is currently being held in Pasco County on unrelated charges.

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