The Incredible Dr. Pol season 17 premieres July 11 after a July marathon, new YouTube content

Now that Disney bought Fox and subsequently right to the The Incredible Dr. Pol, more fans will learn about the summer fun: The Incredible Dr. Pol “4th of Pol-Y” summer celebration.

In a YouTube Live post on June 13, 2020, Dr. Pol’s son, Charles, made the big announcement about the upcoming marathon special.

Charles said, “I know we’ve been gone from your lives for a little bit of time, but that’s because we’re trying to get a lot of new content for you guys. I’m excited to announce the season premiere of The Incredible Dr. Pol on July 11 at 9:00PM EST.”

Check out the clip below.

“We have a new show that we have premiering on YouTube Live,” Charles said in the video. “Every week, following the premiere of a new episode on Nat Geo Wild, we will be doing a special show for our viewers on YouTube Live called ‘RECHECK.’ So mark your calendars, that’s going to be July 11 at 10:30PM EST, we will be airing the first episode of ‘RECHECK.’ “

“It’s going to be a fun after-show,” Charles said, “we’ll have special guests, from the episodes, we’ll talk to some of your favorite veterinarians, and we’ll even have the ability to have fans come on the show, visit the veterinarians and visit with Dr. Pol.”

Charles added that to access this new content, fans can either subscribe to Dr. Pol’s YouTube page to get reminders of new episodes of “RECHECK” or they can just follow the link from the Dr. Pol Facebook page.

The Incredible Dr. Pol, Saturdays, 9/8c, Nat Geo WILD

Weidman, MI: Dr. Pol poses outside of his clinic.
(Photo Credit: © Super! Alright!)

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