Voter Protection Corps: Stop Doom-Scrolling, Do a #BallotCheck

The Voter Protection Corps today issued the #BallotCheck challenge to voters – every time they start doom-scrolling on Twitter, they should instead check the status of their mail-in ballot online to be sure every vote counts in this election.  

Image by amberzen from Pixabay

The challenge is intended to encourage voters to monitor the status of their mail-in ballots to ensure that they are received and accepted. Voters participating in the challenge should tweet photos of their ballot status using the hashtag #BallotCheck until their ballot is reported accepted. If voters have questions about what they see when they check their ballot status, they should call their local elections office or 866-OUR-VOTE. 

The Voter Protection Corps also released a comprehensive list of where voters can check the status of their ballot in each state. The list can be accessed at 

“Our challenge encourages voters to stop stressing themselves out by endlessly doom-scrolling on Twitter and instead do something productive and check their ballot status,” said Voter Protection Corps Chair Quentin Palfrey. “When voters put their ballots in the mailbox or a drop box, that’s not the end of the line. Voters should track their ballots to ensure they arrive at their local elections office and are accepted. Luckily, many states have made it easy to track your ballot online and the Voter Protection Corps has made those resources easy to find at” 

Several states are allowing voters to fix minor issues with their ballots, such as a missing signature. If voters are actively monitoring their ballots, they will know whether it needs to be fixed. Any voter whose ballot is not received by Election Day should make plans to vote in-person or obtain a second mail-in ballot to return to a drop box.

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