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Washington Post attacks ‘Critical Race Theory’ critics

The culture war has heated with the media widely sharing the term systemic racism and critical race theory, so it’s unsurprising to see the Washington Post analyze “What is critical race theory, and why do Republicans want to ban it in schools?” in their new article.

After beginning with the admission that “…there is no consensus on whether or how much critical race theory informs schools’ heightened focus on race. Most teachers do not use the term ‘critical race theory’ with students, and they generally do not ask them to read the work of legal scholars who use that framework.” – author Marisa Iati lights the fire of her white guilt by listing literature and supporting the theories whole cloth.

“While critical race theory does not have a set of doctrines, its scholars say they aim to overturn what they characterize as a bond between law and racial power.”

Iati  then attempts to characterize the critics: “Opponents also argue that critical race theory is a Marxist framework that suggests the nation is inherently evil and that White people should feel guilty for their skin color.”

There is a confession to the “loose connection” to Marxism and the “neo-Marxists” before targeting the Republicans, Conservatives and general opponents of CRT: “Conservative activists and politicians now use the term as a catchall phrase for nearly any examination of systemic racism in the present. Critical race theory is often portrayed as the basis of race-conscious policies, diversity trainings and education about racism, regardless of how much the academic concept actually affects those efforts.”

Republicans and others don’t agree with your view of the PRESENT and seek identification of RACISM in the present, policy or actions of individuals. Labeling the SYSTEM racism and evil conflates the problem and presses forward to a destructive end.

After quotes and references to confirm this perspective, the post claims the practice will disguise itself as a key element of “free speech.”

“These attempts to restrict the teaching of critical race theory and broader lessons about racism are likely to face legal challenges focused on the constitutional right to free speech, and it is unclear how courts will rule.”

The media appears to be critical of the right-wing activists objecting to POLICY and MANDATORY CRT as an element of the government, employment in major corporations and otherwise, oblivious to those who share their white guilt.

Pretending the America has not improve on the blights of its past is ignorant. Jim Crow laws, the George Floyd murders and racial discrimination are cited in the pro-CRT article without acknowledging that those Jim Crows have been abolished, the Floyd murderer has been charged and the civil rights movement over 50 years ago outlawed discrimination.

Learning the past is NOT part of CRT of the tenor from the Washington Post, but rather, LIVING IN THE PAST.

We must forge forward, seeking equality and calling acts of heinous or evil racism. Sadly, the journalists and education activists seem more interested in fanning new flames of discord and divide.

stop racism sign
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