Will HBO Max’s race-swapped ‘Constantine’ reboot be well received by the fans?

The upcoming ‘Constantine’ reboot may have found its main character, news broke from The Illuminerdi, that actor Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù is being eyed for the lead role.

John Constantine is an iconic British paranormal investigator, played by Keanu Reeves in a feature film and Matt Ryan on a series of CW shows.

Full video breakdown is below.

Dìrísù is best known for his roles on the British action-crime drama ‘Gangs of London,’ the British period drama ‘The Halcyon,’ and starred as Cassius Clay (Muhammed Ali) in an adaptation of ‘One Night in Miami’ in 2016.

From The Illuminerdi:

“It seems JJ Abrams will prove to be an important voice in the DC Universe not only building out his Justice League Dark with Constantine primed to kick things off likely follows by Emerald Fennell’s Zantanna film and Angela Robinson’s Madame X series both of which are in development. Abrams is also teaming with Matt Reeves and Bruce Timm for the new animated Batman series, Caped Crusader, and producing the highly anticipated new Superman movie which will feature a Black lead under his Bad Robot banner.”

Sadly, fans are not quick to receive the casting news well.

“As a black comic book reader all I can say is I ain’t for none of this race/gender swapping bull…Since representation is all mighty and important how about creating new new new characters that fit cultural needs,” wrote Andre on Coming Soon’s annoucement.

“Absolutely terrible. I hope it gets cancelled and everyone loses their jobs,” Geoff Horn added.

Check out the full video below.

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