Street racers Abraham Yacoub, Mohammad Elghassal arrested, they were hungry

Florida Highway Patrol has arrested a pair for racing their sports cars across the Courtney Campbell Causeway as fast as 130 mph Saturday night.

Abraham Othman Yacoub and Mohammad Bages Elghassal were both arrested and told the trooper that they were fasting that day and were trying to quickly get to a relative’s home for dinner.

From the arrest documents, the FHP trooper witnessed a white Audi RS5 and red Mustang GT traveling westbound on the causeway at a high rate of speed before 7 p.m.

The trooper clocked the Audi at 130 mph as it barely pulled ahead of the Mustang.

“Both vehicles were participating in a race,” the trooper wrote in the affidavit. “The driver of the white Audi RS5 successfully demonstrated superiority by overtaking the Mustang through a speed competition. Both vehicles were demonstrating the power and acceleration of their respective vehicles in an attempt to outgain the other.”

As they passed the cruiser, the officer clocked them at 95 mph, so the traffic stop was initiated on both vehicles.

Abraham Othman Yacoub, 22, of Lakeland, was behind the wheel of the Audi while Elghassal, 23, from Clearwater, was driving the mustang.

Check out the dash cam videos as both drivers stated they were “fasting all day” and were heading to a family’s home for dinner.

One of the young men asked, “Can we bail out tonight?”

“Yes it’s a misdemeanor,” a trooper responded.

“But, like, it’s not going on the news or anything?” the driver asked.

“It depends,” the trooper said. “I don’t know.”

Records showed Yacoub has a history of speeding citations and other issues, troopers said.

Elghassal had one prior citation for improperly changing lanes.

Both were arrested for street racing.

Abraham Yacoub and Mohammad Elghassal

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  1. The author of this story, Mr Brandon Jones, truly does the community a disservice by embellishing and glorifying this pair of dangerous and wreckless hoodlums only because no innocent citizens were killed THIS TIME. Comments like the Audi demonstrated supiorority only glorifies and encourages this type of behavior.

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