Black Lives Matter’s Melina Abdullah says LA is filled with ‘liberal white supremacists’ ‘F- Eric Garcetti’

Black Lives Matter activists in Los Angeles may have shocked the liberal leaders as co-founder Dr. Melina Abdullah says the city is filled with “liberal white supremacists” and “F- Eric Garcetti.”

“So it’s important as we say things — like I see your sign ‘f**k Donald Trump,’ yeah ‘f**k Donald Trump’ — that we remember that we live in a city that is largely liberal white supremacists,” Dr. Melina Abdullah, co-founder of Black Lives Matter LA told an enthusiastic crowd in a video posted by the People’s City Council on Wednesday.

Abdullah, a professor of Pan-African Studies at Cal State LA, went on to describe liberal white supremacists as those who have “black friends that sit at the dinner table” and those who “speak Spanish.”

“So the kind of white supremacists that have black friends that sit at the dinner table. Right? That brag about having served in the Peace Corps. Right? That speak Spanish. Right?” Abdullah asked.

“The kind of white supremacist who will smile in your face but enact policies that kill our people,” she added, calling Trump a “white supremacist terrorist” and encouraging the crowd to shout, “f**k Eric Garcetti.”

Image by Betty Martin from Pixabay

Last month, on The Prospect, Abdullah echoed something similar “We can act like liberal white supremacy is the answer to Trump. It’s not. Mayor Garcetti makes sympathetic statements too, but he is terrible when it comes to actions. He has not been good on police reform. He likes to tell us he was in Ethiopia when he was in the Peace Corps, and that Ben Jealous [former president of the national NAACP] was his roommate once. It’s important to look not just at somebody’s profile, but their policy. Garcetti is on [the] opposite side of defunding police, for example. Trump is talking about calling in military, but Garcetti has already brought in the National Guard –we’ve seen them rolling through Crenshaw, parts of the city where there’s no protest activity at all.”



  1. Perfect. After she extorted 150 million of our tax dollars. What a way to get people to be on board. She should be fired from the STATE paid and run University now. Our tax dollars pay for her hate. Time to go. We need Union not a divisive, race-baiting, hater.

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