Bradenton and Palmetto peace protests call for an end to police brutality

As protests and rallies occur all over the country, Bradenton and Palmetto citizens came out to support George Floyd, speaking out against police brutality and calling for justice.

“A crowd of several hundred people gathered in front of Bradenton Police headquarters early Sunday night,” reported Bay News 9, noting those in attendance carried signs stating: “Justice for George” and “Inequality Stops Now.”

“The human race has to come together and be one,” said Charles Taylor, a pastor at Mount Raymond Full Gospel Baptist Church.

Small groups moved from Bradenton to Palmetto as politicians were present to speak out.

“I know we’re discussing body cameras, which will be a large outlay of cash for the county and with the pandemic cash is going to be short this year, but it’s probably going to be important,” said Priscilla Trace, Manatee County Commissioner.

ABC blamed smaller crowds on the weather: “The crowd was a bit smaller than expected because of the storms, but their message was still big. They are calling for police brutality to end.”

“This is very personal. To me. To my city. It’s up to me to stand up for the next generation that comes after us,” Takila Hayes told the news channel.

“There are still police officers in Manatee County that have not been charged. Justin’s family still has not gotten justice. That’s what I’m advocating for. I’m advocating for justice. I want young black males and young black females and Hispanics to be able to walk down the street or take a jog and not be scared that they’re going to get shot,” Hayes said.

Protest photo/screenshot ABC News

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