Kevin Costner teases Yellowstone season 3 which starts Sunday

Yellowstone season 3 is set to start this weekend and Kevin Costner teased some details, including the price of bloodshed in season 2.

“John comes from generations fighting for the ranch. What is his is so ingrained. He’s desperate to protect it. But in this day and time, it looks an awful lot like murder. That’s a crime with a cost,” Costner says in his new interview with TV Insider.

Season 2 wrapped with Costner’s John Dutton and his son, former Navy SEAL Kayce (Luke Grimes), killing the kidnappers of Kayce’s boy, who sabotaged Yellowstone Ranch.

The new villain in season 3, a hedge fund manager/developer Roarke Morris (Lost‘s Josh Holloway), sets up conflict with John’s daughter Beth, played by Kelly Reilly.

“He’s a threat. Beth is going to be dealing with him. There are a lot of ways to get land—bureaucratically, environmentally, politically. The walls are closing in and it becomes more difficult to deal with as a family.

Costner admits that his own father inspired the creation of John.

“My dad was a fistfighting, single-minded tough guy coming out of the Dust Bowl in the Great Depression. He wanted a job and never let it be taken away from him. The [Winchester] .30-30 gun I use in the show was his; when I put it up to my cheek, my dad’s right there. I know what it’s like to be a person that’s kind of a John Dutton—minus the murder.”

Yellowstone, Season 3 Premiere, Sunday, June 21, 9/8c, Paramount Network.

Yellowstone: Kevin Costner and Luke Grimes

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