Man who sucker-punched Tampa Bay Lightning fan, James Anastasio, arrested and charged

Two days ago after the Tampa Bay Lightning beat the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden, a fan wearing a Lightning shirt was sucker punched by a Rangers fan and went unconscious.

This was documented by a viral video, that as of today received 7.2 million views:

It was announced by Fox 13 journalist, Evan Axelbank yesterday that they charged the assailant:


Video screen shot

Perp James Anastasio, 29 of Staten Island, was ARRESTED and charged with 2 counts of assault, 2 counts of disorderly conduct, and 2 counts of harassment, he tweeted.

The victim who is punched in the video was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition.

A second individual who was punched by Anastasio during the attempted getaway refused medical treatment.

According to police, there was an interaction between Anastasio and the Lightning fan involved prior to the assault.

Anastasio has been also banned for life from Madison Square Garden, according to a statement:




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