Alicia Fussell identified as Tampa woman shot and killed outside of Nebraska avenue liquor store

Police have identified a Tampa woman who was shot and killed outside of a Nebraska avenue liquor store, City Liquors, as Alicia Fussell.

UPDATE: The correct spelling of Mrs. Fussell’s name is Alica. Antwoine Noland is being sought in connect to her murder. More here

Fussell, 42, was fatally shot and killed just after 10 p.m Tuesday night. Note that earlier reports put the shooting around midnight  on July 20th.  Police responded to the shots being fired and say that when they arrived, they discovered the Fussell’s body outside on the ground near a vehicle.

Detective say they are still seeking the gunman, the shooting is currently under investigation, adding that the shooting does not appear to be random and the gunman remains on the loose.

The man approached and shot Fussell, but were not clear on if she was coming into the story or exiting City Liquors.

The suspect has been described as a black male, approximately 6 to 6″2 tall, with a stocky build, short black hair, last seen wearing a grey Polo-style shirt and blue jeans.

State attorney Mark Ober was also called to the scene.

Crime Scene Tape photo/edited pic from
Crime Scene Tape photo/edited pic from


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