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Australia rolls out new COVID facial recognition app to track quarantined citizens

As the COVID lockdown continues in Australia, South Australia is using a new cell app with facial recognition and geolocation to enforce home quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Officials claim they are using a government-developed app to enforce home quarantine compliance for a small cohort of returning interstate travelers.
Users are sent a message at random times and must respond within 15 minutes, verifying their location and identity using facial recognition and geolocation.

Failing to comply prompts the SA Health to notify police, who then attend the person’s home for a physical check.

The state government has justified the app by citing its potential to reduce the costs associated with hotel quarantine, and say it may be used for international travelers in the future.

The use of the app has not been widely reported in the Australian media.

Full discussion on NEWS TALK here, video below.

facial recognition scan
Facial recognition photo by metamorworks via Adobe license

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