Nick Cohen likens global warming ‘skeptics’ to slave traders, ‘dangerous fools’ while hiding his Marxism

With the pretext of “Global warming sceptics should be hiding in corners. But still some defend the indefensible,” Nick Cohen’s new post is titled “Climate change deniers are as slippery as those who justified the slave trade.”

Cohen begins that “None seems as defeated as the global warming ‘deniers’ who dominated rightwing thinking a decade ago. Like late 18th-century opponents of abolishing the slave trade, Lord Lawson and the claque of Conservative cranks who filled the comment pages of the Tory press are remembered today as dangerous fools – assuming they are remembered at all.”


The leftist attack on these opponents as “dangerous fools” similar to slave traders of the past with pompous arrogance.

“The billions of dollars spent by the fossil fuel industry on propaganda and its acceptance by know-nothing elements on the right caused incalculable damage. They might have followed Margaret Thatcher, who warned in 1989 of C02 emissions leading to climate change ‘more fundamental and more widespread than anything we have known.’ The desire of business to protect profits and the vanity of politicians and pundits, who saw themselves as dissidents fighting the consensus rather than fanatics enabling destruction, helped to waste two decades of valuable time.”

After stating, “Every argument they advanced has been disproved,” Cohen rambles about journalism, various anti-climate hysteric pieces and documentaries before re-stating his attack: “Rightwing denialism appears buried so deep in the dustbin of history it can never be recycled.”

Then Cohen reveals his true Marxist leanings: “And yet there is nervousness among the impressively large number of Conservative politicians who are serious about pushing for net zero. They are pleading with their colleagues to understand the advantages to consumers and businesses that a determined remaking of the economy would bring. The Conservative Environmental Network is already in a fight with a small group of rightwing MPs, who claim ‘the poorest will pay the highest price for net-zero fantasies’ (even though no measure is more likely to reduce fuel poverty than a government home-insulation drive). That battle will only intensify.” (emphasis added, BBJ)

The global climate hysterics ALWAYS comes with their vision of how the NEW ECONOMY and GLOBAL market should be reshaped and constructed. Cohen returns to his racist and demeaning attack on these “deniers.”

“…Once they can no longer deny the existence of man-made global warming, they shift and keep on shifting so no one can ever pin them down. In this, they mirror the defenders of slavery 230 years ago, who created the modern world’s first corporate PR campaign and provided an example for all who have followed.

“The comparison isn’t harsh. One day, the attack on climate science will be seen as shocking as the defence of human bondage. Indeed, that day should have long passed. They are overwhelmingly old men or, in the case of Lawson, a very old man. They grew up in a 20th century where the carbon economy was natural: the way the world was and would always be. Slavery was equally natural to the plantation owners and slave traders of Georgian Britain. It had always existed, everywhere on Earth.”

Doesn’t seem harsh at all? To Cohen, human trafficking is no different that opposing a complete economic upheaval of the global economy for a few degree temperature rise over the next 100 years.

If you oppose Cohen’s solution to climate change/global warming, then you ARE EXACTLY the same as the plantation owners and slave traders.

Cohen layers more hysterical references on top of others before throwing his Prime Minister into the mix: “It remains an open question as to whether Boris Johnson secretly shares a denialist intent. Conservative environmentalists look on him with approval as he prepares to host the Cop26 climate change conference in November.”

Did you catch that hidden warning?

Deep in the article, Cohen throws in the scheduled climate change conference mention and date, tied to the heinous slave trader analogy, now greenlighting the protests of Boris Johnson as a slave trader is HE DOES NOT abide by the solutions of the warming hysterics.

photo/ Pete Linforth



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