Haines City man, Shannon Badgett, arrested over online threats of violence tied to Capitol

A Haines City man was arrested on Tuesday over online threats online linked to Washington D.C. and President Trump declaring martial law. Identified as Shannon Badgett, the man was charged with communicating a written threat to conduct a mass shooting or act of terrorism.

Badgett, 53, made the threats on Facebook, and were reported by one of Badgett’s Facebook contacts.

Police said Badgett made posts about going to a “target rich environment” in Washington D.C. if President Donald Trump did not declare martial law. The post adds “Pew. Pew. Pew” to imitate the firing of gunshots.

Badgett’s post(s) included a reference to the ongoing election concerns.

Our courts are unable to articulate their choice by refusing to hear any evidence regarding voter fraud” and [Justice John] was going to die if “Roberts” did not resign.

Authorities said Badgett claimed to be building an anti-tank rifle and sub-machine guns without applying for permitting. In his post, Badgett wrote that the government can’t tell him what to do.

Badgett is a former police officer in Ohio, was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday after allegedly sending emails to a circuit judge in Nevada.

Badgett denied sending those emails.

Family members told detectives that Badgett has been diagnosed with mental health disorders.

There were no guns in the home.

Badgett acknowledged writing the posts, but said he had no intentions of harming anyone, adding that the posts were a way of expressing his frustration with voter fraud and that he was free to post whatever he liked.

Badgett was taken to the Polk County Jail with a Baker Act form, according to police.

Officials claim that he will be evaluated for mental illness and a risk protection order was served to restrict his access to guns and ammunition.

“Given the high political tensions of late, these threats simply could not be ignored,” Haines City police Chief Jim Elensky said. “Our detectives acted swiftly to ensure that these posts did not escalate into actions here or anywhere else. For the safety of everyone around him, he will be evaluated mentally to ensure he has access to the help he needs.”

Shannon Badgett


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