Back in early July, I had the opportunity to talk with the Libertarian Party Presidential candidate, Dr Jo Jorgensen (you can check out that podcast below). On today’s show, Dr Jorgensen’s running mate, Spike Cohen, joined me to discuss a variety of issues. Cohen talked about how the Jorgensen/Cohen ticketContinue Reading

The small village of some 2,000 people, Plymouth, Ohio, has seen marijuana decriminalized recently with the Libertarian mayor being the deciding vote. The ordinance passed in a 4-3 vote thanks to a vote from Mayor Cassaundra Fryman (L). Mayor Fryman, who introduced the ordinance, said in her impassioned speech toContinue Reading

The Libertarian Party of Pinellas County (LPPC) held a ‘special convention’ Thursday evening in Clearwater, and as part of the business of the evening—by a nearly unanimous vote—chose to endorse Libertarian U.S. Senatorial candidate Paul Stanton in his Aug. 30 primary run against candidate Augustus Invictus. Stanton addressed the assembled crowd andContinue Reading